Welcome to North America’s largest independent Pick-Up and Drop-Off network

Pick-Up Solutions

The Power of the Network

Deliver More for Less

Use the PUDOpoint network to provide a convenient and secure pick-up location for your customers’ packages.

Lower Cost

Save money with your outbound shipments by offering or incentivizing your customers to utilize the PUDOpoint network to pick-up their packages.  Our PUDOpoints can receive your bulk shipments and break them down for delivery to individual customers thereby eliminating the expense of door delivery.

Expand Your Network

By partnering with PUDO to utilize our PUDOpoints, you can greatly expand the delivery options available to your customers.  Customers can either select a PUDOpoint or you can direct them to a PUDOpoint from your website as the selected option for picking up their package.  

Secure Delivery

Packages shipped to PUDOpoints are received at secure locations and held until your customer picks them up.  This ensures that the customer has a secure way to receive their packages even when they are not home.

Specialized Services

Because the PUDOpoints are serviced by real people, we can offer specialized services such as age verification, confirmed signatures, identity verification, product condition, and other services based on your needs.

With PUDO as Your Returns Partner, Good Things Happen

Lowering your shipping rates is just the beginning. PUDO can help you lower your operating costs with a menu of responsible returns solutions. We can collect, store and redistribute your goods in an efficient, sustainable, charitable and cost effective way.