Welcome to North America’s largest independent Pick-Up and Drop-Off network

PUDOpoint Solutions

The Power of the Network

More than just software - We provide the network

To effectively manage the cost of pick-ups and returns, you need more than software, you need a logistics network to move the packages cost effectively.

PUDO’s network of more than 1,200 locations in the United States and Canada places a PUDOpoint where your customers live, work and shop increasing convenience for your customers and reducing cost for you.

PUDO partners with regional logistics operators to provide a comprehensive network that can connect with your existing operations or offer a standalone solution.

With PUDO as Your Returns Partner, Good Things Happen

Lowering your shipping rates is just the beginning. PUDO can help you lower your operating costs with a menu of responsible returns solutions. We can collect, store and redistribute your goods in an efficient, sustainable, charitable and cost effective way.