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Store owners, like you,  join our network to grow their business and further support their local communities. You can provide a convenient service to for your neighborhood and grow your business at the same time.

Increase Your Foot Traffic

Approximately 20% of all online purchases were returned in 2022

Once shoppers are there making their return, they might purchase other products like soda or groceries. With PUDO, you get more customers coming in. It is up to you how many sales you make with them.

Did You Know?

PUDO is an official Amazon Hub Channel Partner in North America. PUDOpoint Counters are eligible to apply for integration into this extended network.

Increase Your Sales

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Build revenue and attract new customers one parcel at a time.

Build revenue and attract new customers on parcel at a time. Major retailers will direct shoppers to your store to pick-up and drop-off their packages. Our program turns your store into the place where customers PUDO - Pick Up and Drop Off - their e-commerce purchases and returns.

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PUDO Point

You get paid for every package your store handles. While in your store, customers will often make additional purchases, further increasing your revenue.

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There is NO COST
to join the PUDO network

Once approved, all you need an Android or Apple device to download our App and you’re in business! Our software is the best in the industry and is super easy to use.


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